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Orange Security Camera In Use Sign on Gray Post and Partly Sunny Background II
Apr 2017
  • Posted by World Telecom & Surveillance, Inc.
  • in Surveillance
  • Comments Off on Prevent Crime! How Business Owners and Citizens Can Reduce the Redding Crime Rate

Redding has shown up on national news several times. In 2014, Time.com listed Redding as #5 in a list of “10 Cities Where Violent Crime Is Soaring” because of a 53.8 percent increase in violent crime. In 2016, the abduction of Sherri Papini hit news channels around the world. USA Today reported that Redding’s overall

A police dispatcher working at console
Mar 2017
  • Posted by World Telecom & Surveillance, Inc.
  • in Communication
  • Comments Off on Emergency Communication Systems, You & Your Mobile Phone

The cell phone revolution in the United States can be largely attributed to Americans’ desire to be able to contact 911 in the event of an emergency. Recent findings estimate that 70 percent of emergency calls are placed from wireless phones. However, calling emergency services from a mobile phone does not work in the same

Businessman holding mobile smartphone using app texting sms message
Feb 2017
  • Posted by World Telecom & Surveillance, Inc.
  • in Communication
  • Comments Off on 4 Free Apps That Will Keep You Organized at Work and At Home

As smartphones become more and more entrenched in our daily lives, it makes sense to use them to their full potential. In olden days, Franklin Covey planners were the ultimate in organizational tools. But today, there are dozens of apps that are helping people streamline their professional and personal lives. Now, you can say goodbye

Receptionist Using Phone In Office
Jan 2017
  • Posted by World Telecom & Surveillance, Inc.
  • in Communication
  • Comments Off on Optimize Your Redding Area Business Phones with VoIP

Businesses are rapidly migrating away from traditional copper-wire telephone systems to Voice over Internet Protocol. Known as VoIP, these solutions use the internet to deliver voice communications and allow voice and data communication to be run over a single network. Save money VoIP systems offer bandwidth efficiency and lower costs. The use of a single

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