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Diagram of Cloud ComputingAfter centuries of paper and ink, it only took two decades for the internet to become a primary communication channel. With the rise in internet capabilities came the convenience of cloud-based computing. In cloud computing, software is purchased on a subscription basis and data is based in the cloud. How does this affect your Redding business internet speed and needs?

Types of Cloud Computing

Software as a Service (SaaS): This is the most basic level of cloud computing. In this situation, your business merely obtains access to specific software programs through the internet on a subscription basis. The software program and your data inside the software is housed on remote servers. You won’t need to install the software on your office computers. Many office software packages provide SaaS as an option alongside their desktop applications. Among them are Microsoft Office and QuickBooks. A few examples of SaaS-only software options are Google Apps, Dropbox, Salesforce, and Infusionsoft.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): This service takes everything a step higher and could be called a hybrid model. With PaaS, a business gains access to tools that allow them to develop or customize their own applications. The infrastructure (or network) features remain in the hands of the provider.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): In this scenario, everything is hosted by the provider–the hardware, software, storage, servers, and so on. The provider even handles backup and maintenance tasks. This option is for subscribers who do not want to manage their own network.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Businesses love cloud computing because of its affordability, flexibility, and scalability. It’s affordable because you only pay for what you use. There are no hardware or setup costs and headaches and no expensive IT guys to pay. It’s flexible because your staff can access everything they need from any computer and any location with internet access. It’s scalable because you can add or drop the number of users or amount of storage space or add new services at whim.

You’ll Need More Internet

When your business is using cloud computing, your dependence on bandwidth increases. That’s because everyone at your company is accessing the internet on a continual basis. Some of what you save in hardware and IT expenses will need to go toward your business internet connection. Invest in a robust connection that can handle the number of simultaneous users at your business. Consider getting a T1 or T3 dedicated line so your business won’t need to share bandwidth with nearby subscribers.

At WT&S, we offer business internet to Redding businesses through AireSpring, which is a company especially devoted to cloud-based solutions. If you’re a business that likes to be on the cutting edge of cloud technology, you might want to consider a new kind of internet too.