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business-313569_960_720These days, a business needs internet. There’s no question about that. But how much business internet do you need at your Redding business? That does require asking a few questions about your business processes and needs.

How many people will be using the internet at the same time?

The internet needs of a business with one or two people doing intermittent email and web browsing tasks will be vastly different from the needs of a business with 50 people doing simultaneous internet-intensive tasks. For instance, one education group estimated that schools will need 100 Mbps for every 1,000 students due to the increased amount of web-based instruction and student-owned web devices (i.e. smartphones).

Will you be sharing bandwidth with other businesses?

Cable internet is one of the most common types of business internet. It can produce speeds up to 400 Mbps; however, it will also require you to share bandwidth with other cable subscribers in the vicinity. If you’re in an urban location with zillions of other businesses and you’re getting cable internet, purchase extra bandwidth so that your business won’t slow down to a crawl during peak hours. Internet providers advertise internet as going “up to” a certain number of Mbps. Don’t expect to get that speed during busy hours. Buy more Mbps.

Will you be doing cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a growing reality for businesses everywhere. If you plan to use internet-based software or applications, you’ll need to plan for continuous, and somewhat heavy, internet use. If you want to house your entire network on a remote server or you want to back up your local server to a remote location, you will definitely need more bandwidth.

Will you be using VoIP?

VoIP is a new technology for business phones. Since these phones rely on the internet, your bandwidth usage will increase with every phone you add to your system. You don’t want the phone to drop off in the middle of an important phone call.

Do you have telecommuters?

Any kind of ongoing remote access to your business will require loads of bandwidth. Videoconferencing, uploading massive files, telecommuting, and distance learning are three internet-intensive scenarios that can eat up your bandwidth. If your business relies on one or more of these activities—even on a periodic basis—plan to purchase a higher level of internet.

When you’re deciding on business internet options for your Redding business, don’t skimp on bandwidth. Even if you save money on the package price, you will very likely end up paying for it through lost time and resources when there’s not enough internet to go around. It’s smart to be proactive.