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Clothes on a rack to be sold onlineSince the internet’s arrival, business has taken on a whole new dimension. Now, a website is considered a necessary business expense, a global market has become more possible than ever, and entrepreneurship has become incredibly easy. Practically every business can sell something online, including service businesses. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Sell Products Related to Your Business

Even service businesses can do this. A photographer can sell prints online, an antique shop can host an online antique shop, a web developer can sell web themes online, and a fashion designer can sell dresses and patterns online. If you go online, you will be better able to maintain your local presence. For example, an antique shop may need their online shop to keep their brick-and-mortar store open.

Resell Something

Linda Lightman started selling on eBay through happenstance. At first, she just wanted to clear out some clutter from her own house and closet, namely her son’s video game collection. It went so well that she started selling her own clothes, and then her friends’ clothes. Now, ten years later, she’s making $25 million every year with an online fashion boutique.

eBay isn’t the only online venue where you can start a business by selling clothes, household items, electronic gadgets, and even cars. There are sites like Poshmark, Twice, and ThredUP that specialize in second-hand clothing items, and sites like AutoTrader and where auto enthusiasts can sell cars for a living.

Become a Consultant

You started a business because you knew something about it. Perhaps you know how to fix cars or you know how to build a house or you know how to start a franchise. Now, with business internet options, you can grow your business exponentially by offering expert training or Q-and-A sessions on your area of knowledge. You can set up your consultant profile on sites like Clarity, Maven, and Zintro, or you can build your consultant brand from your own website and social media profiles. You could turn this into group training sessions or a subscription-based service where you regularly mentor one or more individuals.

Become an Affiliate

You can also make an income through affiliate sales. This is done by placing links on your website and social media profiles to affiliate products—for example, Amazon products—that are related to your business. Companies that offer affiliate programs then pay you a commission for every click on their product link. Affiliate links must make sense, however. For instance, let’s say you start a
Youtube channel. Once you have 500 subscribers on your account, you are allowed to include affiliate links with your Youtube videos, but they must go with the content on your video.

Because of the internet, the ways to expand your business are almost endless. Find a way to take your business beyond the confines of your local area and make even more money doing what you love to do.