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workers assemble security camera systems
Jun 2018

Even if you live in a nice neighborhood or out in a rural area, there are many reasons to invest in the security and surveillance of your property. Intruders are a possibility no matter where you live and plenty of other events can be prevented with the use of cameras as well. At the very

woman watches her kids play via home camera system
Mar 2018
  • Posted by World Telecom & Surveillance, Inc.
  • in Surveillance
  • Comments Off on Quality vs Quantity: Comparing Wireless and Wired Camera Systems in Redding, California

At first, choosing a security system for your home or business can seem really overwhelming. There are so many different shapes, sizes, and technological features offered by various manufacturers of surveillance cameras that businesses and homeowners often find themselves a loss as to which system to choose. Recently, the biggest debate to be heard among

shoplifting woman caught on camera systems
Feb 2018
  • Posted by World Telecom & Surveillance, Inc.
  • in Surveillance
  • Comments Off on 5 Big Things Are Happening to Camera Systems in Redding

The presence of security cameras once deterred crime, but as time went on, criminals simply began damaging the costly devices and continuing with their intended business. This has led security companies, business owners, and families, to seek more secure and inconspicuous cameras for their security. The following five new technologies are meant to provide that

man and woman inspecting a new security camera
Nov 2017
  • Posted by World Telecom & Surveillance, Inc.
  • in Security Systems
  • Comments Off on The 2 Biggest Considerations When Purchasing Security Camera Systems

Homeowners choose to install surveillance cameras for a variety of reasons, but there are 2 major things to consider before making such a large investment for the equipment, installation, and connectivity, of this sometimes complicated and expensive peace of mind. Where are you recording? Before looking to install cameras you will consider where you would

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