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Running a company can be stressful and time-consuming. Most business owners are so focused on the bottom-line that they often fail to remember to have a little fun now and then. However, dealing with employees, ordering supplies, and serving customers shouldn’t always get in the way of finding some humor in your work.
Security Tech Installs Cameras for Business
You see, it’s been proven that workplaces that allow for a bit of extra-curricular activity benefit from higher productivity and retain employees longer. One popular activity among many businesses is the random viewing of the building’s outdoor security cameras.

1. Solve a mystery.

Not many business owners can be present at all times. More than likely, you have a family and other responsibilities to attend to outside of your workplace. Every now and then though, strange things occur near businesses while the management and staff are away. Reviewing the camera footage from those time periods may provide you with answers to the mysteries surrounding those odd occurrences, whatever they may be.

2. Capture the wildlife.

Rural and urban wildlife aren’t very likely to approach an open and bustling business location. Security cameras are famous for catching the antics of local animals, some small and others very large, while the staff is away. Digital video recorders (DVRs) have spotted various animals wreaking havoc and revealed some behavior the likes of which many will never see in person.

3. View extreme weather conditions.

Chances are, you don’t live next door to your business. For this reason, the weather that you experience at home during your free time may be quite different from that outside your business. During those times of extreme weather conditions, reviewing your company’s camera footage can reveal both beautiful and outrageous weather events. From rainbows to damages, that footage is often quite intriguing and useful as well.

4. Gain useful knowledge.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to get to know your neighbors. Sometimes, those neighboring businesses are complete mysteries simply because they have different operating hours than yours. Not to mention that some of these companies have ambiguous signage or no markings whatsoever. In these times, security cameras can give you some idea of what your neighbors do with the spaces they occupy. You never know what you may learn.

5. Create a time-lapse video.

One creative way to utilize your company’s security camera DVR footage is to take advantage of time-lapse technology. For instance, time-lapse videos featuring the remodeling or the construction of an all-new building can be incredibly informative and interesting for your entire team. Not to mention the fact that it can also be shared on your company’s website and social media platforms as a form of advertising.

Taking a few minutes to review your outdoor security cameras can definitely give you some insight into what occurs near your operation during off hours. It may clue you into any upticks in nearby criminal activity or any unseen issues that may be occurring due to extreme weather conditions while you are away.

Just remember that work should be enjoyable for your entire team, so it can be a good idea to review your digital video recorders and then share anything that you find educational, fascinating, or just downright humorous, with your employees.