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Telecommunications & Surveillance Telecom News and Events

Telecommunications & Surveillance News and Events

  • security systems Access Control Goes Mobile - Smartphones and tablet PCs are changing and revolutionizing the ways that we communicate with one another and entertain ourselves. Today we can use our mobile deivices to communicate with friends and family effectively from virtually anywhere on the planet, and because of these advances in technology smart phones simplify access control and security for business […]
  • Fiber Internet Provider - Here are a few considerations when choosing a Fiber Internet Provider. You feel as if you’ve been thorough in your research and decided that it’s time for your business to make the switch to fiber Internet. Sadly, your work is not over! An important part of telecommunications cost management is carefully selecting your provider so […]
  • lt-security-awards-wtands-2018-partner-of-the-year LT Security Awards World Telecom & Surveillance, Inc., 2018 Best Partner of the Year - Providing the best customer service to local residents and businesses is a key factor in the success of any security company. In a perfect world, these businesses would have the ability to create, sell, install, and support equipment all on their own. However, security professionals tend to stick to what they know best and leave […]
  • Top 3 Video Management - What are the top 5 Video Management System Trends of 2013? A lot of our existing and new customers are in the process of choosing a new access control system that includes upgrades or an addition of a video surveillance management system, or are in the process of upgrading their current video management system to […]
  • Good news rescue mission in redding ca awards wtands World Telecom & Surveillance, Inc. “Rescuer of the Year” - World Telecom & Surveillance, Inc. is humbled to have been recognized by the Good News Rescue Mission as Business “Rescuer of the Year.” It has been our privilege to work with the wonderful people at the Mission. Last year the Mission experienced hardships in the areas of fire and flood and World Telecom & Surveillance, […]
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