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off site mobile video surveillanceThere is a lot of responsibility when it comes to running a company, and although it’s natural for certain things to slip through the cracks here and there while you’re busy focusing on something else, one thing you absolutely don’t want to overlook is the security of your business. As we just saw recently at the local Redding Walmart where an armed robbery took place, even big corporations can become the target of crime. That’s why, as a business owner, it’s so important to ensure that you have the proper security systems in place to help reduce your chances of going through something like this. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to keep your property, employees and customers safe.

Evaluate Security Systems Currently in Place

Hopefully, you have some kind of security system already installed, but it’s a good idea to re-evaluate what you currently have in place from time to time since technology is currently being updated and improved. In this day and age, it won’t do you much good to have low resolution surveillance cameras that only show blurry, far away images. Outdated or a lack of equipment will leave your business extremely vulnerable to lawbreakers.

Invest in the Equipment You’re Lacking

Many burglars have quite a bit of experience when it comes to carrying out criminal acts and have mastered various methods of getting inside businesses. This means you must outsmart them by having all your bases covered. If you take a look at your security systems and realize you only have the bare minimum, or nothing at all, it’s time to invest in the areas you’re lacking. Make sure you have a good alarm system, preferably wireless so it can’t be cut from the outside, motion detectors, glass break detectors, a fail-safe battery backup and a testing feature. Install surveillance video cameras indoors and outdoors with high resolution capabilities, remote monitoring, real-time alerts and software alerts. Keep the entire property well-lit at all times of the day. Position your lighting to avoid blind spots and protect them with vandal-resistant covers.

Help Employees to Become Aware

Ensure that your employees know the kind of suspicious activity to watch out for, where all security systems are located and what to do in the event that a burglary occurs. Train them how to safely enter and leave the premises when walking to and from parking lots and garages. Stress how important it is not to tamper with a crime scene in any way.

Additional Tips For Burglary Prevention

In addition, it never hurts to keep signs posted that lets would-be criminals know that your property is protected by surveillance video and an alarm system. There are times that this is enough of a deterrent to leave a business alone. Don’t let the exterior become overgrown with brush or harbor anything else that would provide a hiding spot. Repair broken locks immediately and don’t keep valuable merchandise visible after hours.

Following these tips will help your business to avoid becoming the intended destination for a crime. Have up-to-date security systems installed with all the features you need to have peace of mind.