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AnalyticsCamerasCriminal activity is a very real battle that companies, large and small, have to face every day. There are plenty of safety precautions that can be taken to reduce the chances of your business becoming one of those targets of vandalism, theft, etc., however, there are still too many Redding businesses that are left vulnerable because their owners have been lead to believe the following misconceptions about security systems.

Any Security System is Better Than No System

The assumption that any security system is better than none at all means that numerous businesses are going about their daily tasks with only their current outdated system to rely on. The truth is, the most efficient systems are the ones that feature at least some, if not all, of the advancements that have been made in technology. To be truly effective in protecting your business, a security system should be wireless, have high resolution cameras, allow 24/7 remote access and include motion and glass break detection all combined with a loud-sounding alarm.

Imitation Video Surveillance Systems Are Just as Effective as Real Ones

Having video surveillance that is really just for show may work to deter lawbreakers for a while, but in the event that an actual crime occurs, you won’t have the benefit of being able to catch it on tape and play it back to help with their capture. Fake cameras also means that you don’t have the luxury of remote access and or the ability to call for help at the very first sign of suspicious activity.

Advanced Security Systems Are Too Difficult to Use

Even with all of the modern improvements made to security systems, they aren’t too difficult to use no matter how tech savvy you may or may not be. Once your installation is complete, your alarm company will be able to show you how to simply and conveniently monitor your system from anywhere and on any device.

All Systems Are High-Priced

While some are definitely priced on the more expensive side, there are a wide range of security systems on the market, making it easy to find one to fit every kind of budget. What’s more, they are an investment that ends up being worth every penny they cost. Systems often save business owners large sums of money in costly inventory and equipment that would have to be replaced if stolen, shield them from having to pay out big settlements in lawsuits and grant them peace of mind, which most owners find to be priceless.

Having Insurance and Being Located in a Good Neighbor is Enough Security

A lot of business owners think that they don’t have anything that would appeal to a criminal, that their neighborhood wouldn’t ever be the scene of a crime or that insurance has them covered. Unfortunately, you never know when or where a violation is going to take place and no business is invincible. In reality, the less security measures you take, the more risk you assume.

If you’ve had the wrong idea about security systems and what they can do for your Redding business, there is no better time than now to change that around and invest in the one that will keep your company and employees out of harm’s way. Don’t wait until it’s too late to realize that you’ve had a false sense of security all along.