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background2Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems have been around for decades as an effective means of security. These surveillance video cameras are beneficial in lending extra protection to private residences, businesses, schools, airports and numerous other public places. Over the years, CCTVs have advanced in their live-monitoring capabilities and now offer businesses technological features that include facial recognition, high resolution images and video content analysis. Although commonly used for crime prevention, there are many other reasons as well to consider using a CCTV system. Find out more about crime defense and other advantages of having a CCTV system installed in and/or around the perimeter of your Redding business.

Obstruction of Injustice

CCTV systems are generally installed as a deterrent to criminals. If they know they’re being watched and the potential is there to get caught, then maybe they’ll stop and think twice about following through with their offense. When your business is defended by a CCTV system, shoplifters, trespassers, vandals and even untrustworthy employees can be prevented from making your business a crime scene. If CCTVs fail to stop a crime from happening altogether, then at least cameras will be in the right place to capture the lawbreaker in the act on video and aid in a police investigation, which has led to the arrest of many offenders in the past.

Monitoring Traffic

Frequently, car accidents become a case of he said, she said with both parties placing blame on the other. CCTV systems can clear up any confusion in a business parking garage or lot by going back to look at the video recorded at the time of the incident. This is especially helpful in the event of a hit and run. In addition, CCTVs are often used to help ease traffic in congested areas and enforce traffic laws.

Evidence in a Lawsuit

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon these days for people to turn to the court system and rely on lawsuits for big payouts on illegitimate claims against businesses. Assertions by those that they were injured on the premises of a business can easily be found true or false if a CCTV system is installed on the property. The video taken by the cameras can usually tell the whole story. This is why many businesses find it easier to meet the requirements of an insurance company when they are monitored by surveillance cameras.

Industrial Processes

Businesses that have particularly sensitive environments, such as nuclear plants or chemical production facilities, may require a CCTV system to oversee operations where human eyes cannot safely go. This allows a protected method of observation from a central control room.

Increasing surveillance at your Redding business with a CCTV system will give you and your employees a greater sense of security and help you to be aware of everything going on inside and around the property at all times. It’s an investment that many business owners find to be invaluable in the long run.