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structuredCabling.jpgEvery business is in need of a highly efficient telecommunications network in order to stay on the same level as their competitors in today’s world of constantly advancing technology. It’s also important for residences to be wired for effective communication to provide for those who work from home and to forge a general connection to the rest of the world. Voice cabling in Redding has progressed along with the times to meet the high level of standards that tech-savvy people require these days.

Purpose of Voice Cabling

The purpose of ensuring your residence or business is set up with voice cabling is to create a network structure that supports phone lines, modems and any other network applications that feature verbal services. Using wires and the common telephone jack, voice cabling carries large quantities of data through copper or fiber cables over long distances at great speed. Without the ability to communicate across the world adequately, your company wouldn’t survive a day and your home life would start to feel pretty isolated.

Types of Voice Cabling

There are a few different types of voice cabling, including some that have been refined over the years due to improvements in technology, making others obsolete. Category 1 was at one time the most common kind of cabling used solely for phone lines and doorbells but was realized not to be up to par enough to carry sufficient data. Category 3 is now recognized as the standard in telephone wiring and uses copper cable to transmit up to 10 megabytes of data per second. Category 5 is also commonly used and often replaces a Cat 3 cable when people are looking for a bit of an upgrade or to allow for a system that can carry telephony and video signals as well.

Installation of Voice Cabling

Consider who the best professionals are to install your voice cabling in Redding before you jump into the process. It isn’t a job for just anyone. This wiring system is very important for a functioning home or business, so the installers need to be able to merge your voice and data services with ease so as not to lose any communication.

Whether your company is moving or expanding offices or you feel your home is in need of updated technology, your local voice cabling company in Redding is ready to fix you up with a network system that will meet all of your requirements with proper installation and testing, because there’s no room for communication failures.