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systems-solutions1.jpgNo matter how big or small a business is, a big part of its success hinges on whether or not communication is able to continually flow internally and externally throughout the day. The kind of phone system and its features that a company is operating with has a lot to do with how effectively information is passed on between employees and to clients and customers. Since voicemail systems have evolved, now designed with capabilities that go way beyond your basic answering machine, they have become a fundamental aspect of a phone system, allowing a company to connect with other staff members or the outside world as needed. The application of modern voicemail systems are a key communication solution that help to ensure a Redding business is productively working towards achieving its goals.

Never Miss a Phone Call Again

One of the biggest advantages of using a centralized voicemail system is knowing that you’ll never miss an important business call again. There are times that your call volume may be especially high and your phone system should be able to accommodate this, eliminating the risk of losing clients because they can’t get through. Keep in mind that, in this day and age, it’s common for business owners and employees to juggle chaotic schedules and work away from their desks, either remotely or out in the field. Voicemail systems are able to route calls wherever you may need them to go, so that it’s no longer necessary to rush back to the office every time you’re waiting on a call to come through.

Modern Technological Features

Advanced technology in voicemail systems have further proven their worth to business ventures. Many of these systems now include features such as voice recognition, language translation, personalized introductions, voicemail to email and automatic call routing based on phone number history. Features that can definitely come in handy for effective communication.


An increase in efficiency is another benefit that comes with implementing a voicemail system. Not only can voicemails be recorded, stored and retrieved at any time, but they can be directed to the appropriate extension without relying on one person to have to physically take down and maintain messages for numerous different employees. Multiple phone calls can be answered at one time, messages can easily be forwarded on to another mailbox if required and alerts can be set up to notify an employee of a waiting message. All of this helps to set a business up to maximize profits.

Redding business owners and employees are given more freedom with voicemail systems to go about their day and never worry about existing or potential customer calls going neglected or unaccounted for.