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Is IP Video Surveillance for your Business?

The simple answer is YES, but at World Telecom & Surveillance we can help you make the transition in a cost effective way that extends the life of existing equipment. You and your colleagues know you’ll migrate to IP but the challenge is in how to do it. Of course, the jump – how quickly, how far – all depends on your specific business needs. For most business sites, this migration will take place gradually; and, during the process, analog and IP solutions most likely will coexist.

Before making any important and costly decision you will need to do your homework. At a brain-storming meeting, spend time assessing your business surveillance needs and explore your options. You can start with these key topics:

• Determine what surveillance needs are not being met. Where is your current system lacking? What upgrades might make your life easier? What additions to your current analog system will meet your growing business needs?
• Prioritize the risks and vulnerabilities of your site.
• And then find a company like World Telecom & Surveillance that can help you select a migration strategy and specific technology to fit those real-life needs, so that you can begin to incorporate an IP video Surveillance system into your place of business.

An article by the company Infinova, titled “Should You Jump to IP?” states:

“The bottom line decision is a business one. No doubt, IP security video is, sooner or later, inevitable and a good thing, too. There’re better images from IP cameras

and the introduction of megapixel and high definition cameras, with their advantages, demand an IP approach. In addition, there’s lower installation cost for Cat 5 and 6 Ethernet cabling compared to coaxial or fiber as well as the potential of Power over Ethernet. The days of video tape storage are long gone and good riddance; storage has moved to digital. Video analytics, whether as simple as motion detection or as complex as alerting to certain types of human
behavior, depend on IP video to blossom.”

IP Video is becoming more and more pertinent for businesses to invest in due to many factors. There is a need for better monitored and retrieved images. Installation of IP video systems is less expensive compared to traditional security video. With state-of-the-art video analytics and great concerns regarding security from the office to our own homeland security, integration is a complete solution (access, intrusion, ID). And finally, we can multi-task into business applications beyond security and life safety by utilizing key IP video surveillance features, such as tracking and analizing customer and employee traffic patterns to increase productivity and sales.

IP video surveillance systems come in all shapes and sizes and they serve a purpose in the smallest of retail stores, to high security facililties such as airports and government buildings. No matter the size of your business, our surveillance design is a California Business Security solutions provider and can help answer your quetions about IP video surveillance and how it might pertain to your business.

World Telecom & Surveillance is a Northern California Security and Surveillance systems provider. Let our team at World Telecom & Surveillance explain how you can affordably and effectively incorporate an IP video surveillance system into your business.
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