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Digital Video Management Systems are designed to record video surveillance, display live video from attached cameras, and allow for easy investigations of security events. The DVMS often interlace with other components of the security system such as Access Control, and Video Analytics, and can act as the interface for all components in the security system.

According to an article by Salient Systems, “A Digital Video Management System acts as the front end interface to the operators of a security system. It is the most visible component in a security and surveillance installation and often the most important component to decide on. The DVMS features and level of integration with cameras and other security sensor devices will ultimately determine if it will meet the needs of your organization or customer. There are many classes of systems in this product category such as Digital Video Recorders, Hybrid DVRs, Network Video Recorders and Video Management Software.”

To read a complete list of factors to consider when adding a Digital Video Management System you can download this article by Salient Systems.

Digital Video Management Considerations

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