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Your Business is important to you. You’ve invested a lot of time, money and work into your business to make certain that it runs professionally and proficiently, and therefore you are willing to go to any length to ensure that your business is protected suitably.

One of the most efficient ways owners are ensuring their business security is through the use of IP video surveillance. IP video surveillance is a camera, or series of cameras, transmitted over an internet protocol, or IP. It’s a closed circuit system that is often linked together to build a video surveillance system. “What’s great about this type of camera is that you’re able to view what the camera sees over any internet connection or even on your 3G phone,” (

In the past, when a business owner wanted to protect their business, they’d have to resort to cameras that recorded internally. This could result in having to review hours of footage in order to find and view a specific incident. With the arrival of IP video surveillance cameras, you can see, in real time, from practically anywhere whether or not you business is safe.

 business owner can have knowing that they can access and view their business while they are away from the office

Imagine the peace of mind a business owner can have knowing that they can access and view their business while they are away from the office. You can log onto the camera to view your office via your cell phone or from your home computer when you’re off-site. Not only can you regularly view the grounds to deter or catch shoplifters, IP video surveillance gives you the peace of mind knowing that you can make sure your employees are on task, or make sure that the person closing your business for the day is following the correct procedure.

Reasons to consider IP video surveillance for your business security systems:

Remote accessibility
High image quality
Event management and intelligent video
Easy, future-proof integration
Scalability and flexibility
No matter the size of your business or the budget that you have to work with, we can help design a system that fits your needs and your budget. Below is a checklist of all the important things to consider before you determine which system is the best for your business, just click the icon below.

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