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According to the, “Redding Police Department”, our small town of Redding has slowly risen in reported violent robberies as well as property burglary. (Crime Statistics)

In 2009 there was a reported 83 violent robberies and in just three short years that number has grown to an astonishing 131 with a growth of 31 percent. However, the reported property burglaries in 2009 stood just shy of 800 at 784 with a growth of 32.30 percent three years later at 1,088 in 2012. Combined there is an average growth of 31.65 percent in three years; this causes great concern for Redding’s community.

Here are some helpful tips that may help prevent crime in your area.

  • Stay alert be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Pay attention especially while using ATM machines.
  • Stay in well-lit areas at night and avoid walking alone.
  • Have your keys in hand while walking out to your vehicle.
  • Keep the areas around your home well-lit at night.
  • Remember to set your alarm at all times home and vehicle.
  • Keep valuables out of sight not to tempt any thief’s.
  • Keep doors locked at all times even while at home.

While crime has risen on an average of 10 percent per year in Redding, California; there are many precautions that can be taken. As a leader in surveillance technology World Telecom & Surveillance, Inc. would be pleased to help assist Redding’s Local businesses in taking precautions to prevent growing crime.

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