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Here are some of the top video surveillance trends from the Experts, according to an article at On April 13th, 2012 Daniel P Dern gathered some information from a few leading experts on video surveillance trends of 2012: Greg Carter, director of Connected Physical Security Solutions, Cisco; Vance Kozik, director of Product Marketing, IP Surveillance, D-Link; and James Marcella, Director of Technical Services, Axis Communications.

These experts agree that one of the top trends is the advancement and upgrading of image quality moving toward higher resolution imagery. Vance Kozik’s number one trend touches on this point, “…more resolution, but not to the same level as consumer or DSLR cameras β€” most of the growth is in the 1.3 and 2 megapixel cameras. There are some 3 and 5 megapixel cameras, and a few 10 to 16 megapixel ones. But 3 megapixels is nine times that of the best analog or VGA camera.”

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The second trend that is emerging is the ease of use and installation. There are many new video surveillance trends that are lending to more user friendly installation and application. One addition that eases customer’s use of video surveillance is the switch from analog to digital video surveillance. James Marcella states, “The physical security industry is still shifting from analog to digital. The installer base β€” the people who are selling and installing β€” are still struggling with the idea of moving to the Internet Protocol, and the need to have network-savvy people to do this.” Kozik agrees and shares that digital cameras allow business surveillance systems to use wide angle lenses allowing a much larger area to be covered by one camera. An anolog system would require at least 2 to 3 cameras to survey the same area that a digital camera can.

Greg Carter sees “the emergence of new security solutions that use mobile devices,” as well as, “cloud-based applications/services, and virtualization.” These all contribute to the ease of use and installation of video surveillance systems.

Vance Kozik agrees, “Remote visual verification is big, especially with people having smartphones and tablets, to access cameras remotely. We’re about to release a cloud-enabled network video recorder (NVR), with free iOS and Android apps. In the analog world, this is also being addressed, to some extent. The digital video recorder (DVR) is the brains here, with motion detecting and recording, but a lot of DVRs have a network jack, like a DVR that supports IP.”

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It seems the top video surveillance trends from the experts are all about image quality, ease of use and the addition of smartphone aps to access surveillance cameras remotely. Is your business on the up and up with this year’s video surveillance trends?

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