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We brought you our top 5 security tips in our Top 10 Home and Business Security Tips for Summer (Part 1). Here is Part 2 of our Top 10 Home and Business Security Tips for Summer:

There aren’t many downsides to summer, but if there IS a downside, it’s that homes and businesses are more at risk to break-ins and burglaries. With the warmer weather it’s easier for family members to leave doors and windows opened and unlocked. It’s common for more people to travel and be away from their homes during summer. So here is our Top 10 security tips for summer (Part 2) to help you think like a burglar and keep your home and business safe and less attractive to burglars.

Mobile security is the newest way to keep you and yours safe.

6. Security ‘To Go’. There are a variety of apps today that allow us to survey our homes and business security camera footage from our hand held devices (phones, computers, etc). Securing your home or business while you’re away becomes very easy with these mobile security apps. With video monitoring integrated directly with your home security system, you can watch your home or business on your cell phone any time that you’re away.

Protect your home, lock it down, get a security system

7. The basics: Doors, Windows and Locks. We are usually careful and quick to make sure our main front and back doors to our home and business are secure, but it’s just as important to make sure that all our windows, side doors and glass doors are just as secure. As an extra precaution pieces of solid wood can be cut to the length of the window so that they can not be slid open if accidentally left unlocked. According to Peter M Rogers, as he discusses FrontPoint’s Top 10 Security Tips for Summer, “Sliding glass doors are a favorite target for lifting out – and your alarm system’s glassbreak sensor is a good backup if someone breaks through the glass, which burglars do. You can also take advantage of energy management and automation technology – now integrated with popular home security systems – to remotely control and monitor doors and be notified in real-time if locked doors are unlocked” (

Proper Lighting can detour criminals

8. Lights!! No burglar want to be visible during a burglary or break-in. Obviously, exterior lights are one of the biggest detterents to intruders. Intruders tend to focus on the back and sides of homes and businesses, where home and business owners are less likely to keep an ample amount of lights. Today there are alarm systems that control different sets of lights (both inside and outside the building). Sets of lights can be scheduled to turn on and off at different time in the evening and night to make it look as if home owners are home. Motion lights are also a terrific way to scare off intruders.

Feel safe knowing you are secure in your own home.

9. Know the stats, get an alarm System. Intruders are going to target homes that have easy access and that offer the burglar the least likelihood of being detected and caught. Peter M Rogers gives us a couple scary stats: “(1) the FBI reports that there is a burglary in the US every 15 seconds, and (2) without a monitored alarm system you are three times more liekly to experience a break-in as your neighbor with a system – and that deterrence starts with yard or fence signage and window decals. Announce to the world that your home or business is protected with a security system.

Not having your lights on all the time can save you money on your security bill

10. While we’re at it, let’s save on utilities… The final tip in our Top 10 Home and Business Security Tips for Summer doesn’t necessarily deal with security, however it may save you enough money to help you pay for a new security system. Controlling your thermostats remotely is now an inexpensive and easy option with the same mobile applications mentioned above. With these apps you can control temperature settings (to make sure energy is not being wasted while you’re away), cooling schedules (to make sure your home or office is nice and cool upon your return), and other aspects of your home energy management. These savings can more than pay for your monthly alarm service!!

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