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Jul 2011
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California Business Security Systems Provider Tip of the Week, courtesy of the SANS Institute.

“What do you ask people walking around inside your company offices without a valid identity card: ‘May I help you?’ Security comes before a false sense of social etiquette. If you see someone anywhere on your office premises whom you don’t know, and who doesn’t have a valid ID, go ahead and ask the question. You can’t be too alert.”

It takes initiative and common sense to secure your business and office space.

It takes initiative and common sense to secure your business and office space.

As a leading California security systems provider, World Telecom & Surveillance of Redding has a variety of tools to help you secure your business. We offer a broad range of Access Control Systems from ID Badging Systems, to Door Control Security and Keyless Entry. We also design, install and maintain Tracking Systems for Doctor & Assisted Living Facilities, and provide Storage Building Security systems. Our technicians can introduce you to a variety of products to help your business reflect security and professionalism throughout the office.

Give us a call 530-223-9186 or Toll Free 1-866-770-9753 for a quick and free estimate! Our security and surveillance experts will provide you with a range of options and competitive prices suitable for your business needs.

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