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off site mobile video surveillanceAs a business owner, it’s important to do everything you can to ensure the ongoing safety of your company, so that means making certain you’ve explored all your security options. While traditional locks and alarm systems are still necessary components to have on hand, they just aren’t efficient enough to act as your only means of protection if you really want to keep criminals at bay and oversee the happenings on your premises. One of the most effective ways to shield your employees and assets from harm is with video surveillance, which actually allows you to keep an eye on your Redding business 24/7. There are numerous ways that a camera system can improve your security and decrease your profit loss.

Monitor Employee Productivity and Transactions

Everyone wants to think the very best of their employees, but unfortunately, they don’t always turn out to be as trustworthy and hard-working as you’d hoped. There are plenty of distractions throughout the day – cell phones, social networking sites, employee interactions with one another – that can quickly reduce the productivity of a day. Knowing that they’re being monitored with video surveillance will help to prevent these types of activities and boost work performance. Another factor to consider is that employee theft is a big problem in a lot of companies, but having the ability to catch this on camera can quickly discourage this kind of dishonesty from happening in your place of business.

Supervise Parking Lots/Garages and Property Perimeter

Having cameras outside of your building helps in many ways as well. A system that is able to scan the entire perimeter of your property, including nearby parking lots and garages can aid immensely in cases of liability and employee safety. Businesses frequently find themselves in the middle of lawsuits when another party has claimed to have been injured on the property. Video footage is as good as having eyewitness testimony since it will be able to show exactly what happened and prove whether or not the case has any merit. In addition, your employees and customers can feel much safer about parking and walking to and from their cars knowing they are being supervised through a surveillance system.

Deter Criminal Activity/Recover Stolen Goods

Perhaps the main reason to invest in a security system that includes video cameras is the potential to deter criminal activity before it ever becomes something you have to deal with. Displaying your equipment where it can be easily seen is often all it takes to change the mind of a would-be lawbreaker from making your business his next target. However, if you do ever experience a break-in or vandalism, video recordings are great for assisting the police in their investigations to catch the culprit and recover your belongings.

As you start to think about getting more security for your Redding business, look into video surveillance and learn about all the benefits you’ll receive with a quality system.