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Congratulations to Ryan Belcastro of World Telecom & Surveillance, now a Certified BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD). The RCDD credential is globally recognized with the ITS industry!

Ryan has successfully completed and passed an extensive exam on the fundamentals of telecommunications distrubution design. All RCDDs have a minimum of five years of distribution design experience. The RCDD credential is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated knowledge in the design, integration and implementation of telecommunications and data communications transport systems and related infrastructure, and is achieved by passing a comprehensive exam based on BICSI’s world-renowned Telecommunications Distrubution Methods Manual. (TDMM). An RCDD is uniquely positioned to create the detailed design of new systems and/or the integration of a design into an existing system.

Whether you are a contractor, an architect or a facility ower, having an RCDD on staff offers you professional advantages:

RCDD staffing is required or requested by many private governmental organizations as part of the bidding criteria.
The RCDD is independently tested, demonstrating a thorough knowledge of codes and standards/best practices in the ITS industry. An uncertified designer may not possess this expertise.
The RCDD has received instruction in both design and project management. You get a designer and a project manager in one employee.
“Trust the proven knowledge of a BICSI RCDD-and individual who has trained and tested to the highest degree of telecommunications design knowledge known in the industry!”

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