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Voice-over Internet Protocol technology cuts telecommunications costs and improves productivity.

1. Since its inception, the quality of VoIP service has come a long way. Many of these businesses have the ability to leverage their own data network to carry phone calls originating and terminating within their office with additional savings and benefits.

2. Using VoIP can significantly reduce your telecommunications costs. Operating costs for VoIP service providers are significantly lower than for traditional phone companies, which must contend with the existing, expensive-to-maintain phone infrastructure and costly industry regulations. With lower expenses, VoIP providers can charge much less than their competitors. And with VoIP, businesses no longer have to maintain separate networks for phones and data–another significant money saver.

3. VoIP service makes your phone system highly flexible: Take your phone system with you, Talk on your laptop, Get voice mail and faxes with your e-mail, Increase productivity!

Read this article for detailed information on how VoIP can benefit businesses of all sizes. The article is by Peter Alexander, an’s “Tech Trends” columnist and vice president of worldwide commercial marketing at Cisco Systems Inc.
No matter the size of your business, VoIP is a surprisingly flexible, affordable technology that offers the same, sophisticated communication tools your enterprise-size competitors have.

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