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While there is an ever growing need for security in todays society Access Control may just be what you need for your business.

  1. Security Purpose’s, restrict access to sensitive areas and provide a safer working environment.
  2. Remote Access, allows the system to communicate outside of the main system, allowing easy lockdown in emergency situations. Protecting entrances.
  3. Cost Effective, lost or stolen keys (avoid expensive re-keying) key cards are simple to deactivate.
  4. Audit Activity, view records of all open or attempted opening of doors or access controlled areas within a building.
  5. Schedule Management, audit time and employee attendance increasing productivity.

Let WT&S help you choose the right access control for you business needs. You may request a free quote today just by simply going to our home page, click on the contact icon, then click on (Request a Telecom Quote now) fill out the information, click send message and a WT&S team member will get back to you shortly.