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It is a demanding job owning a business, whether large or small. Protecting the business with a surveillance system and keeping the business safe is one of your top priorities as manager or owner, and during the holidays it is especially important to take proper action against possible threats. Business surveillance systems provide a reasonable amount of security with a reasonable price tag.

What Can Surveillance Systems For Business Do For You?

–Surveillance can aid in catching shoplifters with more ease, reducing the amount of missing inventory due to theft, saving your business money. Surveillance cameras, are also a major deterent for potential shoplifters.

–Surveillance cameras can monitor the cash register, surveying employees that tend the till and capturing any robbery or theft.

–Surveillance cameras can help to meet insurance requirements. This can also be helpful if you receive a false injury claim. You will be able to refer back to the footage and tell whether or not the accident was legitimate.

If you are considering having a surveillance system installed, you need to evaluate your surveillance system needs. Here are the things you need to ask yourself when evaluating your needs:

1. What are you going to monitor? Knowing what you want to monitor and the clarity you will need is a crucial first step. There is a large difference between wanting to monitor vehicles and wanting to see people’s faces for indoor security purposes.

2. You now need to decide what picture quality you desire. Most security systems have a slower frame per second rate, catching a photo snapshot quality more than a video quality. You can decide how many frames per second you will need (full motion television quality is generally 30 frames per second).

3. Now, how often will you be using the device to monitor your business? Will it be everyday, 24/7? Or will it only be when you are open? Closed? You need to decide how frequently you will be working the machine to decide what kind of device will be necessary.

Give us a call and let us introduce you to a wide range of options and choose the surveillance system that fits your needs and your budget!