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Near-field communication enhances business security, but what exactly is near-field communication? Near-field communication (NFC) is another step in the continued growth of mobile security that is also being used to enhace business security. According to Wikipedia online, near field communication is a term used for a set of standards applied to a mobile device and a close proximity security device that, “include contactless transactions, data exchange, and simplified setup of more complex communications such as Wi-Fi. In other words, it is a technology that allows for the high frequency, wireless exchange of data between two devices (such as a card reader and a smartphone), separated by no more than about four inches.

A current example of how this technology can simplify access control, can be seen in some smartphones that contain a user’s credit card and/or debit card information, which allows these users to make purchases for items through their smart phones. And similarly, this technology also has amazing potential for access control applications, allowing business owners to enhance business security.

Here is an example of how this technology is already working. According to Mobile Security Magazine, in an article titled, “Security’s Range and Capabilities,” Brandon Arcement gives the example of a Swedish hotel that gives guests the option of replacing their standard room keys with NFC-equipped mobile phones.

Unlocking an Office or Apartment Door via an NFC key on your iPhone

“After making a reservation at the hotel, guests receive a text message asking them to check in using their near field communication phones. Once they do so, either before or as they arrive at the hotel, the NFC chip’s key function is activated.”

The days of having to wait at the reception desk to be admitted and assigned a common hotel room swipe card are over. Now guests can go directly to their pre-assigned rooms, and use their phone much the same as a proximity card to swipe into their rooms. Similarly this card can be used for a range of other functions: ordering room service, calling the front desk, booking a taxi or accessing the internet. Devices like this are sure to save guests, as well as hotel staff, time and money.

Similarly NFC phones are helping to enhance business security and simplify access control. Like its capabilities within a hotel, Near field communication enhances seccurity in facilities such as office buildings and college dormitories.

Read our blog next week to learn how near-field communication can enhance business security and more examples of how near-field communication simplifies access control.