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It has been a distinct pleasure to work with World Telecom, Inc. of Redding, California. They have provided knowlegeable, prompt, and professional customer service and excellent equipment. Our positive experience with World Telecom has inspired us to explore expanding our association with them from a Telephone system and speakers to include an expansive presentation system.

World Telecom insatalled the ESI telephone system in our new office. From the very beginning they have been very diligent in learning about what our needs for the system would be and since installation in March, the system has excelled at meeting the needs of basic and advanced communications technology users alike. The ESI software and telephones are easy to use, program, and customize. World Telecom provided thorough training that enabled our staff to be comfortable and independent with the use of the telephones. Their training of our designated ESI software programmer has enabled us to have a point of contact for the system in our own organization. The ESI system has a plethora of features that we never thought were possible on a phone system but that we have quickly discovered to be invaluable to increasing our productivity, independence from the system dealer, and the ease of access to us by the community.

It would be a pleasure to work with World Telecom again, or to endorse their business services in northern California. Based in Redding, their telecommunications services were referred to us and we would like to continue that chain of referrals. If you have any questions or would like more detail about our experiences, please feel free to contact me at (530)248-3000.


Jeanne Spurr

Associate Executive Director