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Everyone talks about bundling phone and internet. However, some still question if that is such a great idea. Sometimes the bundling can more of a hassle than they make it out to be.

We cannot speak to your usage, but we can shed some light on the business end of things. There are many great advantages to combining both phone and internet into one nice little package.


Communication will improve by more than 50%. You can talk to whoever you want whenever you want. You might be able to get that by keeping things separate, but it will not be as resourceful.

You combine Ai with that, and your resources have just been doubled. The system will know who you want to talk to before you pick up the phone. The system will have the name and number ready for you to use.

You can contact colleagues, vendors, and other business associates much faster than you could with each one separately.

Time to Collaborate

Telecommunications has become a much more valued resource with companies. You no longer have to go out to meet someone. You can call them on the video screen and have the meeting.

That proves very valuable for CEOs with limited time and resources. Some CEOs do not have the time to meet with everyone they need to. They have too much to do on their list.

You combine that with a bundled phone and internet service and you have something good there.

Your boss could be In Vegas trying to drum up some business. He can communicate with someone in New York or Miami, Florida with the right tools. He just needs a mobile tablet or device. Everything is hooked up.

He just strums a few cords on his pad and his phone conference is patched through. it is that simple.

Work Wherever You Want

Imagine not having to come into the office everyday. You could have a gig playing the piano at some club somewhere. It is not all work and no play for some bosses. You might have to have a conference call before you walk out to the stage and play for the crowd. With a bundled service of internet and phone, you can.

You can have a conference call that will not wait and get back to fun in the sun with your new partner.

Response Time

This benefit is sometimes argued by the other side, but there is increased response time to the business. You get an update from someone else that much faster.

Smartphones keep you plugged into what is going on. Devices will alert you when there is someone who needs to chat right away. All of that can be achieved by combining the internet and phones into one.


Your costs and repairs are reduced significantly. Everything is scanned and filed more efficiently than if you were to use older methods. In other words, you can do less with more.

What are you waiting for? Time to start bundling and jump into a new way of doing business.