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Telecommunications Help

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These documents, meant to give helpful information and assistance to those setting up a new, upgraded telecommunications system, can be lengthy and somewhat technical. A user guide generally explains how features are meant to be utilized on various pieces of equipment. A good example of this would be a user guide for a telephone, which would explain in depth all the buttons and features of that particular telephone and how those features can be programmed or accessed. It’s best to read through these guides when first introducing your telecommunications setup to your business, as they will answer many questions and clear up any confusion you might have about different functionality options. Please remember that certain telephones can be used on a variety of telephone systems, and that your specific system may not be equipped with every feature that the telephone itself is able to support. These documents are used by both World Telecom & Surveillance, Inc. installers and our end-users.

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Click these links below to view user manuals for system programing of clocks and other phone functions:

Sample Help Videos

How-To: Programmable Feature Keys
How-To: Voice Mail
How-To: Call Waiting, Flash, and Virtual Answer
How-To: Caller ID

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