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Sep 2011

Our office is on the move here at World Telecom & Surveillance, Inc. and while our relocation is taking place just down the street, there is still a lot of planning that goes into a successful and efficient office move. Often the biggest source of stress and worry during an office move, is relocating the

Sep 2011

Your Business is important to you. You’ve invested a lot of time, money and work into your business to make certain that it runs professionally and proficiently, and therefore you are willing to go to any length to ensure that your business is protected suitably. One of the most efficient ways owners are ensuring their

Sep 2011

Digital Video Management Systems are designed to record video surveillance, display live video from attached cameras, and allow for easy investigations of security events. The DVMS often interlace with other components of the security system such as Access Control, and Video Analytics, and can act as the interface for all components in the security system.

Aug 2011

Is IP Video Surveillance for your Business? The simple answer is YES, but at World Telecom & Surveillance we can help you make the transition in a cost effective way that extends the life of existing equipment. You and your colleagues know you’ll migrate to IP but the challenge is in how to do it.

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